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Accelerate AI Cloud Computing

Next-Generation Interconnect Technology for the Future of High-Performance Computing and AI Applications.

Innovation to Power Next-Generation AI and HPC Applications.

Founded in 2020 by a team of veterans in Silicon Valley, our mission is to accelerate AI computing in data centers and HPC  by introducing  high performance,  power efficient,  scalable and cost effective interconnect solutions.

AI computing and data center architectures are undergoing a fundamental

transformation of disaggregation and composability, driven by the enablement of

CXL (Computing Express Link) technology.

The founders of XConn Technologies realized this vision from early on. We intend to have our product undertaking this important piece of the puzzle in the CXL ecosystem.

We are well funded. Our team members have multiple years of experience
in the data center interconnect and switching field.

XConn is an active contributing member of...
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1245 S Winchester Blvd, Ste 208

San Jose, CA 95128

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