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World's first CXL 2.0 and PCIe Gen5 Switch IC

256 lanes with total 2,048GB/s switching capacity

Lowest port to port latency

Low power consumption/port

XC50256 CXL2.0/PCle5.0 switch

Key features:

  • Fully compliant with CXL2.0/1.1 and PCIE Gen5

  • Support, CXL.mem and CXL.cache

  • CXL1.1 and CXL2.0 Fabric Manager Interface Support MLD (Multiple Logic Device)

  • Multiple virtual CXL switches (VCS)

  • Support CXL Type2 and Type 3 memory devices

  • Total up to 32 ports with Bifurcation

  • Full RAS support (ECC/Parity, DPC, Hot-Plug, Data Poisoning)

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